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COURTS   OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,   ETC.                  51

set off to attack Arthur personally and made a
great fracas. People say this business will prevent
the Abba's promotion to the mitre.

M. de la Monnoie, the other night, was in the
parterre. Being extremely fat and bulky, he inter-
cepted the view of the performance from two men
behind him, one in particular, who began express-
ing his displeasure—" Enfin," said he out loud,
" quand on est d'une pareille grosseur, on ne
devrait pas se mettre devant les gens," " Ex-
cuses, Monsieur," said La Monnoie, turning round
politely, "il n'est pas donne* d tout le monde
d'etre plat comme vous."

June 2nd. At a grande fUe given by the Baron
de Breteuil, on account of his grand-daughter's
marriage with the Baron de Montmorency,

3rd. Grand fetes> on the same occasion, at
the Prince de Montmorency's on the Boulevards.
We saw the fireworks and illuminations from the
Princess Lubomirska's, opposite. Breteuil resigns

4tfA, Dined at Madame d'Angeviller's with
M. de Bi£vre, famous for his wit and calembours.
The reputation he has acquired for them is such,
that, a few days ago, he sat next to a person at
dinner and asked him to have the kindness to
help him to some spinach. The other began con-

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